About - Little Goose Feathers Apparel Co. 

From Concept to Reality.

We have always had a love for fashion and wanted to break away from the normal 9-5 jobs that keep us away from our family. We both decided that we wanted to use our creative side as well create a career that could allow to stay at home with our children. We then decided that we could find common ground with our needs and desires and decided to follow our dream. We have put in hundreds if not thousands of hours creating the Little Goose Feathers brand to make it not only a reflection of our style but to give it a unique flare that we hope you will enjoy.

We work very hard to make sure that every detail is perfect and follow our theme of the Little Goose Feathers Brand. From our detailed receiving card to our hand stamped gift tag we try to be as thorough as possible in the creation of these special gifts that are sure to impress.

We first start by creating a unique design using trendy and colorful pieces of art and text that are sure to look adorable on your little one. We then critique our designs through one another to make sure they are perfect and then using a commercial heat transfer process we then create a unique garment for your little one that comes to life. We then follow behind with individually wrapped and decorated gift style packaging and button it all up with a bit of love for the final touch. We then ship out all of our garments in a gold metallic soft envelope that is sure to catch your eye when it arrives.

The Little Goose Feathers Brand is part of MacNaughton Design Studios.